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Big Shift News: December

Lambeth’s Big Shift – December

This December we have a lot of exciting new projects gearing up for the new year and opportunities for residents to get involved in projects they may have missed out on in 2023. If you would like to get involved contact us at for further information.

Business Parklets

The Business Parklet programme gives Lambeth businesses the opportunity to apply to convert a parking space in front of their premises into a parklet.

Parklets can used for outdoor seating for trading, additional outdoor space, greening and much more.

Businesses, private organisations, charities, schools and third sector can apply for a parklet. Individual businesses or groups of businesses may apply together.

How it works:

1. Complete business parklet expression of interest form - which includes submitting rough designs and a neighbourhood support form.

2. Shortlisting process by the Council

3. Apply for table and chairs/ pavement licence (where necessary)

4. Shortlisted businesses provide their detailed designs

5. Traffic order and relevant audits completed by Lambeth Council

6. Build

7. Businesses maintain the parklet through its lifespan and arrange removal when necessary.

Costs payable by the business:

• Supply/leasing of the parklet platform & installation. Parklets can come in various forms, sizes and materials so prices can also vary. Prices can start from £5K and above.

• Items such as planters, barriers and seating

• Maintenance

• Public Liability Insurance

• Apply for a tables and chairs licence (where required)

• Removal/replacement at the end of the parklet’s life

Paid by the council:

• Traffic Order costs

• Road safety audit

• Officer time

• Signs and lines

The opportunity to apply will be open until the 1st of April 2024 with two shortlisting windows on the 12 January and 1 April 2024.

For information on shortlisting criteria and how to apply, visit

For any questions please contact

Dockless bays

Lambeth Council is currently installing 191 new dockless bays across the borough for rental e-scooters and e-bikes. Once all the bays are installed, users will be required to park in these bays to enable active travel trips and reduce footway clutter.

View the dockless bay locations here

It will bring the total number to over 240 meaning that most residents will be able to reach a bay within a 5-minute walk. This forms part of a commitment in Lambeth’s Kerbside Strategy  to expand the coverage of rental e-scooter and e-bike services across the whole borough. 

By January, rental e-scooters will be permitted for use in the south of Lambeth. They have been available for use in the north of the borough since Lambeth joined a trial scheme run by Transport for London and London Councils in July 2021. 

The new bays are being installed through Experimental Traffic Orders. Residents who would like to participate in the consultation for the new bays can do so by visiting our consultation page. 

Community Fund Parklets

Applications for Community Fund Parklets are still open!

Parklets provide opportunities for communities to design a space on their road to suit their needs. Parklets can provide spaces to grow your own vegetables, a space for children to play, or whatever you’d like!

To find out more about the application process, visit

Lambeth Bus Days

Lambeth Bus Days continue to be a big success with 50 pupils from local schools taking part last week.

Bus Days are an activity set in partnership with Transport for London's Travel Mentoring Service, the Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Team and the bus company Arriva. Bus Days are designed to give children and young people with special needs (and other vulnerable potential passengers) extra confidence to enable them to travel independently and to make full use of London’s bus network.

The monthly sessions take place on a moving red London double-decker bus and feature scenarios covering personal and road safety. Passengers meet the driver and ticket inspectors and have the chance to practice coping with different type of issues that may come up when taking the bus. The police provide us with a team of about 8 officers for the day, Arriva provide the bus and driver, and we have two Travel Mentors from TfL to lead the sessions, plus the time of the Revenue Protection Inspectors who come on the bus.

Car Free Days

After the success of the Big Shift Car Free Days over 2023, we are looking to extend the opportunity to everyone across the borough.

Businesses, community groups or even a passionate individual can apply to hold a Big Shift Car Free Day in their area.

Car Free Days aim to help reimagine an area away from a space solely dedicated to cars. This could be by allowing businesses to spill out into the road, providing more space for children to play or giving an opportunity to imagine redesigning the road entirely.

If you are interested in a Car Free Day, email to receive an information document about the process.

Posted on 6th December 2023

by PK