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Big Shift News: October

Lambeth’s Big Shift – October

This October we’re focusing on parklets. The second phase of the parklets project is open for applications, see below for more details.

The #LambethBigShift aims to help communities across Lambeth make the most of the of the new greener, healthier infrastructure being put in place. Find out more about our projects below or visit our website. Check back here for regular updates about current and upcoming projects. 

Community Fund Parklets Phase 2

Applications for Community Fund Parklets phase 2 are now open!

A parklet is a tiny park, taking up just one parking space. It provides residents with an opportunity to create a space that works for their community. Successful applicants can choose from our catalogue to customise their parklet, choose from foldable seating, planters, game boards, notice boards and more.

Applications close on the 29th of October.

Click here for more information.

Car Free Days

Throughout September, Lambeth saw several Car Free Days.

The Hannen Road Big Shift car free day held workshops for residents and visitors to share their views on how they use the space. The closure was made possible by the collaborative efforts of Station to Station Business Improvement District, A Small Studio, Soak Up Lambeth, University of Greenwich and Lambeth’s Big Shift. The goal was to reimagine Hannen Road in a way that works for everyone as it moves to a more sustainable future.

Hannen Road was located as a spot for potential Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) installation. SuDS help improve climate resilience in an area by improving the drainage of rainwater via sustainable means, as opposed to older forms of drainage that rely on outdated systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Hannen Road was located as a potential area as it lies uphill and can therefore collect rainwater as it falls before it flows downhill and causes flooding. The Big Shift car free day served as the first phase of the co-design process. Co-design allows for all parties involved to have their ideas and needs taken into consideration before any plans are drawn up. By using co-design, the Council aims to create a space that works for everyone.

Check out the results of the Hannen Road workshops on A Small Studio’s YouTube channel.

Voltaire Road closed to vehicles for 4 weekends throughout September as part of Big Shift car free days project. Local businesses spilled out into the street and created more spaces for visitors to enjoy. The opening of the space for public use proved to be a positive change as many visitors shared their feedback with the Council.

Finally, National Car Free Day was celebrated on Goding Street. The street was filled with activities for the family and opportunities for people to learn more about active travel.

Car Free Days can take place in many different forms. But ultimately, they each aim to reimagine spaces away from being a place purely for cars. The Big Shift is looking to provide more opportunities for communities and businesses to give Car Free Days a go.

If you or a group you’re part of have an idea for a Car Free Day in Spring / Summer 2024, contact with your thoughts.

Community Influencers

Say hello to Lambeth’s 2023/24 cohort of Community Influencers!

Over the next year these beginner cyclists will embark on their biking journeys. We will chronicle their progress throughout the year and use their experiences to help inspire others to give it a go. The influencers will be given information to help signpost others to cycling support, so if you see them at an active travel event, say hello!

West Norwood Shared Electric Van

Station to Station business improvement district (BID), Lambeth Council and Zipcar have partnered to provide an electric van for members of the BID to use. The van will help local business to reduce emissions and local traffic as outlined in the Kerbside Strategy.

Posted on 3rd October 2023

by PK