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Brixton Hill LTN Stage 1 Monitoring Report Published

Brixton Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) trial is designed to make the neighbourhood safer, healthier and more climate resilient. The Brixton Hill LTN trial launched on 4 September 2023 under an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO). 

The LTN trial included eight traffic filters on local streets which prevented unauthorised vehicles from traveling through the area, creating safer, healthier streets for all. All addresses within the area remained accessible by motor vehicle, although some routes will have changed. Certain vehicles like buses, emergency vehicles and blue badge holders were allowed through some or all of the filters. 

This Stage 1 Monitoring Report shows that the Streatham Wells LTN trial met the objectives of the Climate Action Plan (CAP), Transport Strategy and supported the Lambeth 2030 Borough Plan by reducing traffic overall. Before and after traffic data collected to assess the impact of the trial shows:

  • An average 58% decrease in traffic within the LTN 
  • An average 6% increase in traffic on boundary roads
  • An overall 3.6% net reduction in traffic when looking at roads within the LTN and on the boundary roads, including on main roads approaching the LTN
  • The number of vehicles traveling over the speed limit has reduced by an average of 83%

To read the report, click here

Posted on 18th March 2024

by The LTN team