This phase of engagement has ended.

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  • Previous Engagement:

    November 2021




    August 2022

    We have been engaging with the local community over recent years in regards to the Brixton Hill LTN, but also as part of the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood Project. The first phase of the Brixton Hill LTN engagement process took place between November 2021 to August 2022. During this period, our Community Street Design team undertook engagement activities to ‘identify’ and ‘design’ ideas to improve local streets in Brixton Hill. Community input was used, along with other sources of data such as traffic counts and speed data, to create initial design concepts. You can read more about how we have engaged with the local community so far in the Engagement Report. In addition to this, we have also carried out indicative traffic modelling to get a sense of the traffic impacts of the proposed scheme. Council officers have been and will continue liaising with TfL and the Emergency Services on the proposed scheme.
  • Brixton Hill LTN Survey

    16 December 2022




    3rd February 2023

    Engagement: period to gather thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the modal filters and wider improvements proposals.
  • Design Review

    Winter 2022





    Feedback received from the Brixton Hill Survey will be taken into account and the designs will be reviewed. The outcome of this process will be a Decision Report which includes the proposed design for the Brixton Hill LTN trial. This will be published online and available for everyone to read.
  • Statutory Consultation Period with Statutory Consultees






    We consult on the proposed design for the Brixton Hill LTN trial with statutory consultees such as the Police and Fire Brigade and respond to any feedback received.
  • Trial Launch

    4 September 2023




    In Progress

    The Brixton Hill LTN trial begins. An Experimental Traffic Order will be made to cover the prescribed routes in the LTN area. At this stage, anyone can lodge a formal objection to the trial LTN being made permanent, and these must be made within six months of the day that the experimental order comes into force. During this period we will monitor the trial, consider feedback and potentially amend the scheme in response.
  • Decision on Permanency






    A Decision Report on the future of the LTN will be written and recommendations provided based on quantitative and qualitative data collected and analysed.